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Semi Truck and Heavy Duty Towing in St. Louis, Missouri

Driving large vehicles safely takes experience and skill. Truck- and bus drivers have to avoid many dangers, such as getting stuck in a jackknifed position, a roll-over accident or high winds that result in your cargo spilling onto the highway. However, regardless of how careful we are, accidents happen.

Weather conditions, low visibility and fatigue are often to blame. If an accident occurs, you’ll need St. Louis Semi Truck Towing to get your large vehicle out of harm’s way and into the repair shop.

Heavy duty towing takes its own set of special skills. Drivers must navigate traffic in sometimes terrible weather conditions and retrieve the wrecked rig without causing further damage. For these reasons, it’s important to move into a safe location and contact St. Louis Semi Truck Towing right away at (number).

St. Louis Semi Truck Towing heavy duty tow truck drivers have the experience to lift, extract, transport and put large trucks back on the road. Truck accidents cause major complications, including roll overs, trapped trailers, jackknifed semis and traffic blockages. We get these hazardous situations cleared up fast.

Located close to all major highways in the St. Louis area, we respond fast and get wrecked rigs off the road in no time.

Based in St. Louis, we service the entire metropolitan area, from the Eastern Metro area across the Mississippi to St. Charles and beyond. Our experienced recovery operators respond to calls from every major expressway 24/7/365, whether you need a tow or roadside assistance. We take pride in heavy duty towing and large vehicle recovery.

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Services We Provide

  • Heavy Duty Towing Service

  • Semi-Truck Towing

  • RV Towing

  • Camper Towing

  • Charter Bus Towing

  • School Bus Towing

  • Wrecker Service

  • Medium Duty Towing

  • Mobile Diesel Mechanic

About Our Services

Whether you are stuck on the side of the road or your large vehicle has flipped over in a ditch, we will pull your truck out and recover the cargo. St. Louis Semi Truck Towing has built its reputation on our experience with the toughest recovery operations and our familiarity with St. Louis metro’s traffic conditions and unpredictable weather.

If you’re a fan of the TV show Highway Thru Hell, you know recovering large vehicles is not for the faint of heart. Each situation provides its own unique challenges. We train our recovery operators in the problem-solving skills needed to safely extricate and tow different types of large vehicles, including semi-trucks, school buses, RVs and sanitation vehicles.

St. Louis Semi Truck Towing does more for large vehicle operators than pull their rigs out of precarious places. Though towing and recovery is the major part of our business, we also provide the following:

heavy duty diesel truck won't start

Semi-Truck Towing Service

Whether you need a wench out or a heavy duty wrecker tow truck service to lift up the front of your semi and pull you to the nearest diesel mechanic of your choice, give St. Louis Semi Truck Towing a call today.

We specialize in both emergency and non-emergency roadside assistance for heavy duty vehicles. If you’re semi truck is stuck on the road, call our team of experts to come to your immediate need.

flat tire on a semi truck needing a towing service

Heavy Duty Towing Services

The semi truck towing services in our fleet are the best of the best. We know when you need help with your multi-ton truck and load, you want the right equipment for the job.

Our heavy duty wrecker trucks can haul your semi, school bus, dump truck, concrete truck, over-sized load or any other extra large and heavy vehicle stuck on the roadside.

Call us today for immediately, professional help.


rv towing services

RV Towing

The last thing you want to deal with on your vacation or trip across the country is a flat tire, overheated motor, or some other roadside emergency causing your RV to be out of commission.

Many smaller tow companies are either unable to tow the larger RVs, or don’t have the experience to get the job done right. We’ve helped many RV owners with their heavy duty towing and RV towing and roadside assistance needs.

If you want the experts, call St. Louis Semi-Truck Towing today!

charter bus stuck on side of road in st louis missouri

School Bus & Charter Bus Towing Services

A large school bus or charter bus that’s broken down usually comes with a couple problems: a large vehicle in need of a tow, and stranded passengers unhappy the vehicle that should be taking them to their destination is stuck on the road.

We know the urgency of helping in a situation like this and you can call us any time of day to come to your needs. Our wrecker trucks are equipped with a low-boy so we can provide school bus towing and charter bus towing services.


semi rolled into ditch outside St Louis MO

Tractor Trailers Towing

When you’re tractor trailer is needing towed, we know you can’t just leave your trailer on the roadside. We can tow your semi-truck with the trailer still hitched.

Call us today for immediate assistance.


All About What We Do

Tractor Swaps

Semi-tractor breakdowns occur frequently, causing the loss of valuable time and missed deliveries. Often, swapping out the tractor is the fastest way to get a loaded trailer rolling down the highway again. Our recovery operators will bring a working tractor to the breakdown site and swap it for the broken one.

Load Shifts & Transfers, Load Swaps

Often, loads shift when drivers must apply the emergency brakes, resulting in dangerous, unsecured cargo. Our operators have the training and experience to safely unload the unsecured goods and re-pack them into a new trailer on site. Cargo transfers are made possible by forklifts and recovery equipment on out trucks.

Semi-Truck Decking and Piggybacking

Trucking companies frequently call us for the transportation of their new tractors from dealerships to their depots. Our trucks can haul up to four tractors and can unload them at different locations.

Tire sales and Service

We offer 24 Hour emergency tire response. Our technicians can service any type of large vehicle tire truck onsite and get your truck rolling again.

Semi-Truck Battery Service

Need a jumpstart? Our technicians can provide re-charging services 24/7.

Diesel Delivery & Priming

When the temperatures plunge to zero, you may need diesel delivery, priming and gelling to get your vehicle moving. Our technicians are equipped with the gear needed to unfreeze your fuel.

Pull Starts

Pull starts are used on large vehicles with manual transmissions when the truck has a bad starter.

24/7 Secured Storage

Large vehicles are exceptionally valuable pieces of equipment. St. Louis Semi Truck Towing offers secured storage to all of our customers. This way your valuable investment remains safe while you open a towing claim or are make arrangements to pick it up.

Winching Services

St. Louis Semi Truck Towing’s team of winching operators have seen it all. They are prepared to winch your vehicle from the most precarious places in all types of weather. Many people are interested in how winching works for heavy vehicles. Here is a quick guide:

Tow Winch: The Basics

When you have to drive through rough weather on a regular basis, it’s good to know that if you get stuck in a ditch or other off road area, a quick call to St. Louis Semi Truck Towing gets a trained driver on site fast to winch your truck back to freedom.

Winches are the most efficient devices for pulling, towing and lifting heavy vehicles. They are mounted on the rear of trucks.

  • Parts of a Tow Winch
    Winches consist of a cable wire, center drum, motor and gear casing.

  • The Cable Wire
    The cable wire can be steel or a chain and is fitted around the center drum. It can be between 30- and 120 feet in length.

  • The Center Drum
    The center drum stops the cable wire from entangling and keeps it contained when not in use. It rotates when you wind the cable in or out.

  • The Motor
    An electronic of hydraulic motor powers the center drum.
  • The Gear Casing
    The gear casing applies the motor power to the cable, giving the winch its pulling power. A strong winch is necessary for getting large vehicles out of difficult places.

How Does A Winch Work?
To recover a vehicle using a winch, first set it on “free spool” and pull the needed length of cable. Then attach the clasp to the vehicle.

Before starting the pulling process, place the winch line damper on the cable, especially if it’s a steel cable. The winch line damper protects you from the kinetic energy generated by the cable. Finally, put the winch in gear to begin the pulling process.

St. Louis Towing’s recovery operators can winch with the best of them. We are ready for the toughest jobs and can recover large vehicles from anywhere at any time.

Winching scenarios include the following:

  • Off-Road Semi-Truck Recovery
  • Tractor-Trailers Stuck in Mud or Snow
  • Low-Bridge Semi-Truck Recovery
  • Sunken Tractor-Trailer
  • Under Water Recovery
  • Jackknifed semis
  • Lockout Service

Many times, our customers get locked out of their heavy-duty vehicles. St. Louis Semi Truck Towing can dispatch a driver to get your truck open and you back on the road making money.

Mobile Truck & Trailer Repairs
St. Louis Semi Truck Towing is proud to offer 24-hour emergency repair service at any location in the St. Louis metro region. Trucking is a competitive endeavor and takes lots of hard work. The last thing you want is unpaid downtime. That’s why our technicians are trained to fix a wide variety of problems that can afflict semis and other heavy-duty vehicles.

St. Louis also offers 24-hour emergency repair service for machinery, such as bobcats and industrial machinery of all types.

Services include the following:
Battery Service
Fuel Delivery and priming
Suspension Repairs
Drive Lines
Drive Shafts
Hydraulic Hose Replacement
Jump Starts
Battery Charging
Tire Service
Engine Trouble Shooting Codes
DEF, DPF Filter Codes
Electrical Work
Radiator & Cooling
Air Brake Maintenance and Repair
Locked-Up Brake Repair
Brake Chambers
Brake Adjustments
Hydraulic Hose service
Tire Service
Serpentine Belts

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St. Louis Heavy Duty Towing proudly provides rapid heavy-duty towing service to the greater St. Louis region on both sides of the Mississippi, including the following counties:

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Metro East Counties

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