Semi-Truck Towing Services

heavy duty diesel truck won't start

If you have ever watched the T.V. show “Highway Thru Hell,” you’ve seen how tough winching a semi out of a ditch can be. In addition to needing heavy duty towing machinery, recovery operators also need to decide how to pull the semi without causing further damage or losing the cargo.

When bad weather strikes, the job gets tougher, especially in the snow. When semi’s obstruct traffic, experience is the key to getting them moved quickly and minimizing the impact on traffic flow.

Semi-truck recoveries depend on winches, which include a long steel cable that wraps around a circular drum. An electric or hydraulic motor unspools the cable, which is clamped onto the semi. The operator then must carefully pull the truck out while avoiding causing damage to the rig.

St. Louis Towing can recover semis from anywhere, including:

  • Ditches
  • Embankments
  • Hills
  • Underwater
  • Mud
  • Snow
  • Low bridge recovery

Not all semi tows require recovery. Often, mechanical breakdowns are the culprit. Our operators respond in a snap to semi breakdowns across the St. Louis region. We are always open and ready to respond with heavy duty towing equipment.

Often, whether due to a wreck or mechanical issue, the most logical thing to do is swap out the tractor so the load can be delivered on time. We can deliver the replacement and tow the broken tractor to the repair shop or our secured storage facility.

Our operators are also trained in truck repair. In many cases, they can fix the problem onsite, and the truck can continue to its destination.

Common repairs include the following:
Battery Service
Fuel Delivery and priming
Suspension Repairs
Drive Lines
Drive Shafts
Hydraulic Hose Replacement
Jump Starts
Battery Charging
Tire Service
Engine Trouble Shooting Codes
DEF, DPF Filter Codes
Electrical Work
Radiator & Cooling
Air Brake Maintenance and Repair
Locked-Up Brake Repair
Brake Chambers
Brake Adjustments
Hydraulic Hose service
Tire Service
Serpentine Belts

St. Louis Semi Truck Towing gets you back on the road and earning!
Road service calls are also an important part of St. Louis Towing’s services. Whether a lockout, battery jump or fuel delivery and priming, we can get it fixed in a snap.

Semi drivers need a solid heavy-duty towing company to back them up. Many difficulties can present themselves on the road. If you need a semi recovery, tow, repair or roadside assistance in the St. Louis region, call St. Louis Semi Truck Towing for a rapid response.

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