RV Towing in St. Louis

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RVs provide excellent flexibility and comfort for those who want to enjoy nature and take the comforts of home with them. However, as a home on wheels, many require heavy duty towing capacity if they breakdown. If your RV breaks down in the St. Louis metro region, call St. Louis Semi Truck Towing for an immediate response.

Though cars and pickup trucks can tow 5th wheels, motorhomes require the heavy-duty equipment we provide. In fact, the larger 5th wheels stress even one-ton pickups to the max. If you need your large motorhome towed, you need the big guys at St. Louis Semi Truck Towing.

RV Breakdowns

No one wants their vacation interrupted by a vehicle breakdown, especially when it’s a motorhome! The silver lining is that you can get help from St. Louis Semi Truck Towing at any time, day, night or holiday. In some cases, we may be able to repair the problem on the spot, saving the need for a tow and your vacation.

RV Roadside Assistance

Being locked out of your motorhome can present some challenges. You can’t get in your house or vehicle!

No problem if you are in the St. Louis region. St. Louis Semi Truck Towing provides full roadside assistance, including lockouts, tire service and gas delivery. With the miles per gallon you get with an RV, a backup plan for an empty gas tank is a great thing to have!

RV Recovery and Winching

When RVs go off road, the recreation is over. Now you are faced with the need to recover a very expensive piece of property. For heavy RVs, a heavy-duty tow truck with a winch does the job.

A winch is a steel or chain cable that extends from the heavy-duty tow vehicle to the stranded RV. Then the recovery operator uses the winch’s motor to pull the RV back onto the road.

Operator experience and skill matters. Pull too hard over the wrong patch of ground, and serious damage to your RV may occur. If the RV has flipped, very careful winching is needed to avoid breaking the contents of the motor-home.

When dealing with RV recovery, tow operators must avoid breaking property during the recovery process.

St. Louis Semi Truck Towing employs the skilled operators who can recover your RV and salvage your belongings. If you need an RV tow or repair in the St. Louis metro, call St. Louis Semi Truck Towing for prompt service.

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